Pretty Little Liars DVD and Blu-ray Discs

The hit U.S. television series Pretty Little Liars is so full of tension and suspense that it inspires loyal followers of all ages. Fans around the world have become engrossed by the teen drama mystery-thriller, which centres around the stalking of four friends and the disappearance of their popular and cruel schoolmate. Many people gather their friends and binge-watch episodes of Pretty Little Liars Blu-ray DVDs and standard DVDs to get involved in the chilling intrigue that the program generates.


There are many varieties of the program's DVDs available on the market, including Pretty Little Liars widescreen DVD and Blu-ray discs that are highly prized as collectables for fans. For individuals who enjoy Blu-ray DVD movies for their clear and vivid 1080p high-resolution displays, Pretty Little Liars Blu-ray DVDs can bring stunning visuals into viewers' homes. Both standard DVDs and the Blu-ray discs provide enhanced sound that can make the dark themes of the TV drama seem even creepier.

Disc Collections

It can be fun to watch Pretty Little Liars DVD and Blu-ray box sets one episode at a time or for many hours at a sitting. DVD options of the show's seven seasons often feature multi-disc sets, such as collections that include approximately 5 discs. Many Pretty Little Liars DVDs offer language subtitles, such as English, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish and Dutch.

Disc Specifications

It is common to find Pretty Little Liars DVDs with Dolby Digital primary audio. PAL video formats are easy to locate, and 16:9 enhanced transfer formats are also popular. Aspect ratios of the DVDs can vary, and 1.78:1 ratio for full-frame image projections are favourites with many viewers.

Bonus Features

DVD collectors can get added excitement from bonus features included in box sets of their most-loved television programs, and several Pretty Little Liars DVD sets feature additional material that TV viewers may never get the chance to see. Unaired scenes provide more footage that may hold clues to the mystery, and many fans enjoy watching material related to the casts' fashions. Bonus recaps and behind-the-scenes information about set design choices can also be valuable additions.