Price Guns

Price Guns

Keeping tabs on prices for everything in your store can be tricky and its not always convenient to keeping checking pricelists when customers are wanting to pay. Labelling all your products with prices is the best way to ensure that each product sells for its correct value at the time of sale. This is especially important if you have shift or part time workers that may not be aware of prices of all store products. Having a price gun that you can use to label products is an effective way of ensuring that both your customers and staff know what the price is of each item so there is no confusion or loss of profit.

How They Work

While price guns come in various models, they are generally all hand held. They work by printing numbers onto a label that then applies to the product. The price labels print with ink from the gun. Some guns can print up to 8 digits on one line with multiple currencies while others can print 10 digits on two lines.

Price Gun Labels

You can choose the kind of label that you want to use in your price gun machine, as some are compatible with different sizes. You can choose to have plain or coloured labels and you could even get your company name or brand printed on the top of each label.

Label Refills

You dont need to buy a whole new price gun to get the labels. You can find rolls of price labels in various sizes and shapes with one to suit your label machine. You can purchase packs of 100 rolls or much less with around 100 to 500 labels per roll.

Label Printers

An alternative to using price guns is to print labels through a printer. This is a good choice if you want to print barcode labels for use with a barcode scanner or if there is extra information that you want to print on your label.