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Price Labels

Price Labels

Price labels are designed to clearly and prominently display the price of objects for sale, and can be used almost anywhere. Price tags can reduce hassle during yard sales, in retail shops, denote sale items, or even assist with company branding. When looking for price labels, its always best to consider the type of label that would best suit your needs, the items on which the label will be used, and the environment in which the label will be used.

Types of Price Labels

Most price labels come in three distinct types: static plastic price labels, price label stickers, and price label tags. Static plastic price labels are best for use in a shop, where products arent likely to move and a single price is denoted for a group of products stacked together. Sticker price labels are best used when products may be easily moved or carried around, or when prices are denoted in a one-off fashion. Price label tags are best for awkwardly-sized or contoured items that stickers may not stick to, or where a sticker may damage the product. If you prefer sticker price labels, you may be able to utilise price guns to place and program prices.

Price Label Options

Most price labels come with a variety of options. Colour is one of the most often used options, which help highlight prices. Often, the price is in a colour which contrasts well to the background, such as black and white, black and yellow, and red and white. Some price labels may offer barcode options for scanners or have a space specifically for brand logo placement.

Loose Price Labels vs. Price Label Guns

If you have many products to price and want to use price label stickers, it can be useful to use price tag guns. Price label guns allow you to enter the product name, barcode, and price. It then automatically fast-prints this information on pre-loaded stickers, allowing you to swiftly sticker many products quickly, even if they are different products with different prices. Loose price labels are better for smaller quantities of products, or when product prices need to be determined individually.

Discount Price Tags

If you do not want to have a price tag with a static price, but instead, to promote a discount or sale, there are many options available. From large, prominent discount stickers to brightly coloured sales tags, there are many options to independently indicate discounts or promote sales.