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Like beloved rock band U2, Primark was born in Dublin and grew into an international force, bringing a smile to thousands of faces around the world. Since its birth in the Irish capital, Primark has delivered affordable fashion that's stayed up with trends and styles. With a deep inventory of Primark women's tops , dresses and more, you can get your hands on some of this European favourite's greatest hits and add some life and style to your wardrobe.

Serving customers and employees with pride

In addition to bringing fast fashion at a fair price to the masses around the world, Primark is also committed to bringing fair work and pay policies to those who make its products. Each and every warehouse and factory that produces Primark clothing is required to uphold specific conditions of operation, including fair wages and working conditions. These factories are then monitored by a group of more than 100 experts placed around the globe who ensure that the company's standards are being followed in the creation of its products.

With stores in key global markets such as Greece, Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon and more, Primark has truly turned into a massive brand with international appeal. eBay has a variety of tops as well as Primark women's bags and handbags online every day, giving you a chance to share in the global goodness. Check it out!