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Primera CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplicators

Primera CD DVD Blu-ray Duplicators

If you need to produce mass copies of data, then burners won’t fit the task and they will make the task of copying and duplicating quiet tiresome. This is where disk duplicators come in. The most sophisticated disk duplicators available in the market have the capacity to duplicate large volumes of data on all sorts of disks, be it CDs, DVDs and/or blu-rays. Primera is one of the most notable brands of disk duplicators in the market.


Primera is an award-winning company that many know for its speciality printers and disk duplicators. The company bases itself in Minnesota and currently has its distribution in more than 222 countries globally. Primera’s most notable product range is its Bravo range of disk and CD duplicators.

Ranges of Duplicators

The best part about Primera CD, DVD and blu-ray duplicators is that they are available in three ranges as per their customer needs. You can divide them into entry level, high end and professional grade DVD, blu-ray and CD duplicators. The entry-level duplicators benefit entrepreneurs or small businesses. The high-end duplicators are for organizations that have to duplicate data regularly in normal volumes. Finally, the professional-grade duplicators are for large organizations for professional data handling like police departments, for imaging in radiology, and for HD wedding and mission videography. Thus, customers can identify their data needs and then purchase the Primera DVD, blu-ray, CD and CD RW duplicators as per their data duplication requirements.

Taking care of Primera CD DVD Blu-ray Duplicators

Primera DVD, blu-ray and CD Duplicators can last you a long time, if you maintain the devices well, produce outputs as per the prescribed ranges only and clean the device at regular intervals. Moreover, make sure that you know the settings of the disk duplicator and don’t randomly play around with its settings.