Printer Ink Refills & Kits

Printer Ink Refills Kits

Whether in a business or a home office setting, replacing the ink cartridges in your printer is an expense most people wish was cheaper. You can cut down on the cost by using printer ink refill kits and doing it yourself. It isnt a complicated process, but it can turn into a messy one if you arent careful. Always read the direction that comes with your kit to make sure you do it properly.

Multiple Uses

A big advantage to using printer ink refill bottles and kits is that you get multiple uses and can refill empty cartridges more than once. It isnt uncommon to get at least ten refills from one bottle. The container may be the type that you refill the printer ink directly from the bottle or you may need an additional tool (typically found in the kit) to add liquid colour to the cartridge.

Black and Coloured

Most modern printers print in both black and colour. It is important that you keep both on hand so you can refill anytime the need arises. If you do have a colour printer, you will need cyan, magenta and yellow ink to refill the cartridges. Sometimes the coloured cartridge will be one, or your printer may use three separate cartridges to deliver rich, vivid prints.

Black Only

Dont worry if your printer does not print in colour. You do not have to buy printer ink that you do not need. Many kits come with black ink only, so that you just get what is required to keep on printing. There is no reason to buy a product that you will not use or do not need.


It is important that you double-check the make and model of your printer to ensure that you get the perfect hue for your printer. Refill ink has labels that include the make and cartridge number that the pigment is a match to ensure a happy customer.

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