Printer Photo Paper

Technology makes it easy to print photos at home without having to go to a photo kiosk or store to do it. Enjoy hard copies of your favourite photos taken on your mobile phone or camera within seconds when you use a photo printer at home with compatible printer photo paper. Depending on the results you desire, there are several types of paper to pick from as well as sizes and brands to consider.

Printer Types

Before you purchase any type of printer paper or photo paper, consider what kind of printer youre using. Since specific types of paper work with certain types of machines, the printer must be compatible with the paper for best results. You may have an inkjet, laser or thermal printer, so once you decide which photo printer type youre using, its simple to narrow down the selection of papers that match up with the technology type of your device.

Paper Styles

Just like when you go to a photo developing shop, there are many options available for how you want your photos to look. Choose glossy printer photo paper if you like the look of shiny photos or opt for the traditional look of photos printed on matte printer photo paper. If you want the best of both worlds, satin paper is a good compromise. It offers a small amount of shine but its not as prominent as it is on glossy paper, so its a good happy medium. This is also sometimes called a semi-gloss or a lustre finish.


As with printers, there are many paper brands available. Choose the paper brand that corresponds to your printer, such as HP, Epson or Canon, or opt for a high-quality paper brand, such as Kodak, Polaroid or Fujifilm. Most paper brands work with printers that arent the same brand, so feel free to choose paper based on its merits, price or finish as long as its the right size and works with your printers technology to ensure you get the best photo printing results.


Keep some things in mind when you shop for photo printer paper. Have some fun with adhesive papers that turn your photos into stickers, which kids love. Some photo paper comes pre-printed with borders or fun additions that turn photos into signs or cards. You can also use compatible software to create advertisements or greeting cards using your photos and print them on high-quality photo paper. Miniature photo paper makes tiny, pocket-sized prints and waterproof paper keeps photos safe from water damage.