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A laser cutter, also known as a laser cutting machine, is a laser that has been manufactured to cut materials. It’s typically used for industrial manufacturing, although it’s becoming increasingly popular for small businesses, hobbyists, home crafters, and schools. A laser cutter works by directing a high powered laser through optics, which is then used to melt, burn, vaporize, or blow away the material, leaving a sharp edge with a high quality finish to the surface.

What is the difference between a laser cutting machine and an engraving machine?

A laser cutter has been optimized to cut materials fast with a higher watt laser, providing a high standard of cut and a low standard of engraving. A laser engraver, whether commercial, industrial, or for home use, has been optimized to provide a high quality engraving and will have a lower watt laser. While an engraver can also cut through a material, it cannot cut through the same thickness of material that a laser cutter can.

Producing both functional and beautifully aesthetic items, a laser cutting machine is a versatile option for crafting your stylish and modern products. A typical CO2 laser is suited to cutting, boring, and engraving on wood, fabric (including leather), plastics, wax, paper, titanium, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium. You’ll typically connect the laser cutter to your computer, so you’ll need to ensure the cutter is compatible with the program or system you intend to use it with. Some models come with the option to read files from a memory stick, adjustable speed and power settings, exhaust fan systems, dust removal fans, a grounding wire, and cylinder rotary attachments. Some even come with protective glasses to keep your eyes safe.

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