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Got one to sell?

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Printing Rolls

For larger images or documents that exceed your typical paper size or transaction receipts, there are rolls of paper called printing rolls that allow you to continuously print on one piece of paper. Paper receipt rolls are small rolls of paper that can fit into registers and print various transactional information on it and can be given to customers to save for their records or if they need to return something. Other larger rolls can work in printing plotters to print off larger images for print making or plan documents for architectural or engineering purposes. These plotters use very large rolls of varying sizes to print documents. Other types of printing rolls come in different materials such as vinyl or material with an adhesive backing. Vinyl printing rolls come in a wide variety of colours, while traditional paper printing rolls usually come in just white. These serve a wide variety of purposes, in businesses, schools, trades and crafts.

Printing Equipment

There are other printing equipment that can function alongside printing rolls and to make prints in general. Aside from the paper and plotters, otherwise known as large printers, there are printing cutters that you use with the plotters or right after a document is printed. These help efficiently tear the paper off in a clean manner without tearing the actual document that was printed. Another type of printing equipment that is important is ink. The ink cartridges in plotters are much larger than your traditional printer ink cartridges and more expensive, but the colours these cartridges come in are the same, with either a black or colour option. Other printing equipment includes label makers to make adhesive labels for labelling documents, storage or anything else you need to label. Laser engravers are another type of printing equipment that allows you to engrave either glass, metal, or wood with a laser. You can engrave letters or images based on the type of engraver you have. Another form of printing equipment is a heat press that transfers images onto several different types of materials by using heat. In essence, it's almost like using a large iron to transfer images. Whatever your need, there are many different printing options available.

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