Pro Audio Amplifiers

Pro-Audio Amplifiers

First things first, an audio amplifier is an electronic device that increases the amplitude of a small signal to a level suitable enough to drive the loudspeakers, and it does this while maintaining the smaller signal's detail. This phenomenon is linearity. The higher the amplifier linearity, the more the output signal will be a clear representation of the input signal. An amplifier is an essential component of a sound system since it provides the power needed to get an audio signal to the speaker system and out to the audience. Normally, you categorise audio amplifiers based on gain, output power, number of channels, maximum supply voltage, nominal gain bandwidth and packaging type. Pro Audio is a wholesaler that works hand in hand with professional amplifier manufacturers to ensure that you get the most reliable range of professional audio amplifiers the industry has to offer. If you are an audiophile then Pro Amplifiers are a perfect choice. Don't just buy for the sake of it; instead, go for a quality model that will take complete advantage audio capabilities of your machines.

How Can I Identify a Good Audio Amplifier?

Whether you're buying a power address system (PA), home theatre system or a concert sound reinforcement systems, ensure that you have conducted a performance test. There are several ways that you can use to determine an audio amplifier performance:

  • Listening test: If you're buying from the store then ask for a performance test. By listening to your amplifier as it drives through the speaker system you'll be able to tell if it's good sound or not.
  • Amplifier specs sheet: From this can determine the amplifier's ability to deliver great sound. Be sure to check the distortion levels, amplifier power ratings, amplifier dynamic headroom and signal to noise ratio. This will help you choose an audio amplifier that suits your needs.
  • Customer reviews: Before making any purchases, take a minute or two to read customer feedback. This is important when you're looking for a second opinion.

How Do I Classify Power Amplifiers in Terms of Channels?

Based on the number channels offered, there three categories of power amplifiers:

  • Mono/Single channel: Are suitable for low-frequency applications such as a 4-ohm woofer
  • Stereo: Have a left and right output and therefore can power two speakers, hence the name 2-channels.
  • Multi-channel: Is a 4-channel amplifier capable of producing equal power in two pairs, therefore can power two pairs of full-range speakers.