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A cable snake often proves a highly useful tool across various applications and industries. With its flexible reinforced fiberglass core and polyethylene coating, this item might be used during electrical, telecom, wall and floor conduit, walker duct and utility installation. It is strong, smooth and light, with a steel cable head that can easily pass the crooked pipeline. It is therefore ideal for pulling guide rope in the pipeline, while the non-conductive properties make for safer pushing and pulling in duct and panel boxes.


Your first consideration is the dimensions of the cable snake. A 6mm x 150 metre fiberglass cable snake is common, but you can also find this item in sizes of 6mm x 50m, 6mm x 30m, 4.5mm x 100m, 4.5mm x 15m, and even more varieties. In other words, whatever thickness and length of fiberglass will help you get the job done, you should be able to find it on eBay. For example, a 4.5mm x 100m stretch of cable snake would be ideal for use with 10mm to 25mm pipes.

Features and benefits

Some of the features to look out for when buying a snake cable include yellow hi-visibility non-conductive FRP rod, 2 brass eyelets at both ends, a solid tubular steel reel with an adjustable hand brake, and perhaps 2 bonus cable tips. You also want to know the bend radius of the product, which would ideally be around 11cm in any 6mm thick version. The bend radius of a 4.5mm thick version would be closer to 9cm.

Working loads

The best quality conduit snakes are made from extremely strong composite material. To get an idea of the capabilities of these tools, a 6mm x 30m or 6mm x 50m cable snake would generally have a safe working load of approximately 420kg and a breaking strength of around 700kg. A 4.5mm x 15m cable snake is more likely to have a safe working load of 300kg and a breaking strength of approximately 350kg.

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