Pro Audio Cases, Racks and Bags

The first occasion on which any audio equipment has to leave a home or studio, the need for pro audio cases, racks and bags becomes burningly obvious. Guitars, drums, keyboards, amps, DJ equipment and even simple objects such as microphone stands are all investments that require protection during transportation. The best way to achieve this is with proper racks, adequately sized cases and convenient bags designed for the equipment.

Selecting the Right Pro Audio Cases

Pro audio hard cases are the most solidly protective containers available. The appropriate case may be as small as an audio mixer or as big as a multi-rack, so naturally the main consideration is obtaining a container that fits without being loose. Choose a case with dimensions that do not leave a lot of wiggle room for the contents, as a better fit keeps items safer.

Specialised cases, such as a multi-guitar hard case, contain interior racks and strapping mechanisms to optimize safety, so always take a close look at such case features. Choose those which provide a good seal, as dust and dirt can compromise sound as much as physical damage to your equipment. Damage to the person moving the equipment is a concern, too, and heavy cases should have wheels for easier manhandling.

Travelling by Air

If the equipment has to travel by plane, make sure that the case complies with the standards of the relevant Air Transportation Association. You may decide to select a case already stamped with the ATA logo; even those without it are in many instances fit for air travel, but this may need checking.

Pro Audio Racks for Star Performances

Selecting the right rack is also important for performance environments. A good rack can support several mixers, turntables and amps on the stage, resulting in optimal positioning. Choosing the right size is essential, as all racked equipment generates heat which can damage and decrease the life of electronic kit. Be sure that your rack has enough room for ventilation. Performers such as acoustic guitarists with a single piece of equipment can possibly manage with a carry-on soft case or bag.