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Pro Audio Microphone Holders and Stands

There are very few performances where you’ll want to hold a microphone the entire time, so having pro audio microphone holders and stands are a must. Whether you need your hands free to play an instrument, or simply want to move around the stage, the right holder or stand can help make your performance flawless, keeping you worry-free when it comes to your microphone.

Shock Mounts

If you’re playing onstage in any type of capacity, having a pro audio microphone shock mount is a great idea. While they are somewhat used to isolate the microphone from vibration, they also protect your mic against harmful shock and static while onstage - elongating its life. These types of holders usually fit on top of the microphone, as it sits on a separate stand.

Simple Stands

If you’re prepping for an acoustic open mic night right in your hometown, or are practising in your basement getting ready for the big day, all you need to start with is a simple microphone stand. Available in many different types, most stands include a boom (so you can direct the microphone into you while you play a guitar or bass), and an adjustable stand that fits most audio equipment.

Accessory Stands

If you’re to the point where you want to do a little bit more with your mic stand, you may need to attach some accessories to it, or buy separate stands entirely. Accessory clips let you completely adjust the stand so you can use it for percussion, or you can attach a longer boom to your stand if you’re more comfortable. If you need to read music while playing, you’ll need a separate pro audio microphone sheet music stand.

Brand Choices

When it comes to brands, there are quite a few when it comes to choosing microphone stands, and you don’t necessarily have to choose the same manufacturer that produced your mic. One of the most popular is the Hercules microphone holder and stand, but there are other options, such as K & M, Rode, and Shure.