Pro Audio Microphones & Wireless Systems

Wireless microphones

Dont get caught up in the tangle of microphone cables ever again! Cordless microphones can offer you the versatility of singing and speaking from nearly anywhere in the venue or on stage, without necessarily compromising on sound quality or latency. Popular with vocalists who like to move around a lot on stage or interact with their audience, wireless microphones are also great for duets and karaoke where microphones gets passed from person to person and its all too easy to make a sheepshank out of the cables.

eBay has thousands of wireless microphones and kits from all the best brands, including Shure, Rode, Sennheiser and AKG, who have wireless models that perform as well as their standard microphones, plus quality bargain brands for those on a budget.

Not just for vocals

If youve ever micd instruments, youll be familiar with the extra mess that all those cables create running back to the sound mixer. With multi-channel systems available on eBay, some including up to four microphones - one for each band member - you can streamline the stage and have all your microphones link wirelessly back to the one receiver.

Tips for buying

Decide how many microphones youll need - even with the more expensive brands you can often save money by purchasing packs that include two or more microphones, which can run simultaneously off the same receiver. Have you considered a wireless headset microphone? Popular with vocalists, group fitness instructors and theatre or stage plays, youll find these handy headsets on eBay too, along with lapel microphones for sound recording during interviews and video recording.

Wireless microphones are usually more expensive than their wired counterparts, so if you want to save money and dont mind the cables, check out eBays broader range of microphones where were sure to have something that suits your application and budget. Not a stage performer yet? We also have a great range of karaoke equipment for the home rock stars and people who want to get the party started!