Whether you are a professional DJ or an audiophile with a turntable or CD player, you might already know the importance of an audio mixer. When you want to get the crowd moving or need the right tempo to smoothly transition from one track to the next, an audio mixer can do it all for you, and much more. 

 What does an audio mixer actually do?

  As the name suggests, a mixer is a device that takes the audio signals from your turntables or CD player, and combines them into one sound. An audio mixer will balance, position, effect and equalise the different audio channels and features into one great sound. Think Stuntmasterz’s 2001 track “The LadyBoy is Mine” (a well-planned remix of Brandy and Monica’s 1998 classic hit, ‘The Boy is Mine’ and Modjo’s 2001 release of ‘Lady’). Pro audio mixers also provide live looping and scratching capabilities, delays and reverberations and real-time control.  

How to choose the right audio mixer

  As with any piece of electrical equipment, you will need a budget to determine how much you want to spend. Don’t forget, the most expensive isn’t always the best. You might also want additional features with your audio mixer, such as a built-in audio interface, low and high pass filters, or USB connectivity. Finally, you will need to determine how many channels you will need. While most DJ’s opt for two channels, there are some mixers that can support up to 16 channels, as well as a microphone.  As with all products online, you will need to carefully read the descriptions of each listing before deciding if that is the audio mixer that you want to buy.  Find all your DJ needs online in the one place at eBay. From acoustic treatments to pro audio amplifiers and everything in between, shop new or second hand to get great prices on pro audio mixers and accessories.