Pro Audio Power Conditioners   

When you really think about it, signals are power. All audio equipment works by using electrical current signals to drive the stack, and the final stage to the speakers is analogue. The idea behind a power conditioner is both to improve power distribution and also ensure the power you are distributing is clean.   

What are the Advantages of Power Conditioners?   

With so many different components it can be hard to figure out why you need one particular device, but power conditioners do provide a number of advantages: 

  • Interference Reduction: Many appliances and other devices create electromagnetic interference; power conditioners level out your power supply to remove it.   
  • Surge Protection: A conditioner also doubles as a computer surge protector outlet for your audio gear, protecting your investment.  
  • Power Isolation: Many systems also feature separate internal circuits so that you don't have to worry about cross-talk and other interference.   

Investing in Power   

While professional audio speakers and monitors can benefit a lot from power conditioning, so can other components such as audio amplifiers. Just plug in your female socket cables and enjoy the sound clean power provides.