Pro Audio Speakers, Drivers and Horns

Pro Audio has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and supply sound equipment of the highest quality. Pro Audio speakers, drivers and horns appear in everything from professional bands to casual events to hi-fidelity music recording studios. Pro Audio sound equipment combines first-class audio technology with robust and sleek casing and speaker designs. Some of the most popular Pro Audio models on the market today are the range of Pro Audio speakers, monitors and active Pro Audio subwoofers. Round out your collection under the same line to ensure each piece has the same level of quality and craftsmanship.

Deep Bass

Take advantage of the deep bass offered by Pro Audio subwoofer drivers. Enjoy low-frequency audio the way it is meant to be heard. The vast majority of Pro Audio subwoofer and speaker drivers have a wattage range of 600 to 1200 Watts. With 140 Hz crossover and highly accurate turning filters, your subwoofer drivers will also elevate the sound quality of any loudspeaker or horn sound system.

High Audio Frequency

Pro Audio speakers and horns are not only famous for room-filling bass. Cutting edge tweeters and drivers deliver crystal clear audio at higher sound frequencies. In particular, Pro Audio horn systems (including loudspeaker and PA systems) deliver high frequency music or vocalisations with superior clarity.

Robust Design

Rest easy knowing that your speakers, drivers and horns have lacquered hardwood and industrial-strength plastic casings. These robust designs match with unique and eye-catching RGB features around Pro Audio speaker and subwoofer drivers.

Expansive Volume

The higher headroom of Pro Audio sound equipment gives significant volume advantages, increasing sound pressure and limiting distortion. Take advantage of the user-adjustable level controls to quickly and easily adjust the volume of your Pro Audio speaker and horn systems. All Pro Audio speakers and subwoofers also include polarity controls in their volume adjustment board.