Pro Audio Synthesisers

A core piece of audio equipment for any dance band is a keyboard synthesiser that embellishes music with catchy hooks, rhythms, and thumping beats. Rely on a high-quality keyboard from a selection of manufacturers to find a machine to play in style and be the master of the dance floor.

Look and Style

With pro audio equipment, including your synthesiser, choose from a sleek, modern style suitable for a dance band, or if you want a more classic style, find a synthesiser with wooden edging, best suited to a music hall. Some keyboards already come with a stand included, so you can get playing right out of the box.


Keyboards vary greatly in functionality. Some feature a range of poly synth sounds already programmed in the devices, such as strings, woodwind, and brass. Others provide you more customisation by allowing you to program in your own sound sets with included support software hard-coded into the unit. However, many musicians prefer the flexibility of running their synthesiser software on laptops.


It’s easy to increase the functionality of your keyboard with a huge selection of synthesiser modules. Adding a workstation synth lets you recreate the sounds of dubstep, hardcore, and trance, while a drum module lets you keep a steady beat. Some modules link to your PC or laptop and have a suite of software to help you personalise your own unique sounds.

Feel the Beat

Of course, while a full drum synth allows you to set the beat and recreate almost any sound a traditional drum kit makes, your listeners want to feel the pounding of the bass drum, too. Most synthesisers allow you to connect directly to an amplifier so that people can hear your music from the back of the dance floor, but modules linked via PCs give you more accurate control over your output.