Pro Circuit Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

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Pro Circuit Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Motorcycle exhaust systems are a crucial component to a smooth ride. Pro Circuit motorcycle exhaust systems offer high-quality parts built to last for the long haul. Motorcycle silencers, mufflers, and baffles work together to minimise noise, reduce emissions from the ignition, and reduce toxins. Purchase systems together or replace individual components as needed.

Pipe Dreams

A Pro Circuit motorcycle exhaust pipe works with other Pro Circuit exhaust equipment to perform seamlessly. Combine a head pipe and a mid pipe with the right canister to create a low-noise ride that's smooth and fume-free. Polished pipes created from durable titanium look as good as they perform, and there are different pipes for every pick, including off-road racing or street riding. Choose the pipe that fits your existing system, or put together different Pro Circuit parts to upgrade or customise your own exhaust.

Strong, Silent Type

Just as its name implies, a silencer reduces the amount of noise your bike makes as you ride. Silencer pipes work in conjunction with other exhaust parts for premium performance. Pro Circuit offers a couple of options, including two-stroke and four-stroke silencers. Made of sturdy aluminium and stainless steel, the double-walled design makes the parts simple to mount, but you may require some added tools for any exhaust repair or maintenance, such as Pro Circuit motorcycle exhaust clamps, flanges, and hangers.

Double Talk

It's common for professionals to use a dual exhaust system instead of a single exhaust on their bikes. Why would you opt for a dual instead of a sleeker single exhaust? Using a dual exhaust can add more to your overall performance, but the downside is it can also add weight. Fortunately, Pro Circuit exhaust systems made with lightweight materials don't weigh your bike down, but they do require approval from the AMA/FIM in order to install them on a bike legally and safely.

All Systems Go

If your bike needs an exhaust overhaul, it's best to opt for a complete Pro Circuit exhaust system. An exhaust system comes with everything you need to replace an old exhaust or upgrade, such as mounting brackets as well as durable end caps. Up the ante on your performance and give your bike a brand new look with exhaust systems created from strong titanium.