Professional Video Cameras

Professional Video Cameras

Professional video cameras are used to make high-quality video productions, including studio-quality footage. Though there are many varieties of general-use video cameras, there are also many kinds of highly specialised video cameras, including those for action footage, pan-and-tilt usage and night shooting.

Professional Video Camera Brands

There are many brands and manufacturers of professional video cameras. Popular brands include Aja, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Red and JVC. Each of these brands generally has many different collections of professional video cameras specialised to different tasks and complexity levels.

Professional Video Camera Types

Professional video camera types can be broken into four different categories: professional camcorders, digital cinema cameras, studio and ENG cameras, and PTZ cameras. Camcorders are small, lightweight cameras that don't require heavy mounts, and often feature image stabilisers. Digital cameras capture digital video and come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Studio and ENG cameras capture studio-quality video and utilise studio markups. PTZ cameras are pan-and-tilt cameras, which are often rigged to overhead wires for mobility over large shots, or can be mounted to drones.

Professional Video Camera Options

Professional video cameras come in many different options. For example, there are standard-definition professional video cameras or high-definition professional video cameras, and on the high end, one can find AVCHD and 4K definition cameras. Another significant option is whether or not a lens is included with the camera. Many professional video cameras offer only the body, while others may come standard with one lens, ranging from 19x to 22x, or even include zoom options.

Professional Video Camera Recording Media

Though it is possible to still find some professional video cameras that still capture on film, these days, it is far easier to find professional video cameras that record digitally. Even within the digital recording spectrum, there are still many options. SD recording and CompactFlash recording are by far the most common, but traditional memory sticks, Expresscard, and microP2 recording are also popular options.