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Projector Christmas Lights

Projector Christmas lights consist of a solar or mains-powered lamp containing a laser projector or light projector. They project a range of patterns and shapes in different colour combinations onto walls, fences and trees. The patterns may be moving or static and can change automatically. They work as indoor Christmas lights or outdoors. However, they function as Christmas decorations because some contain patterns for wedding lights and birthdays.

Laser Light or LED Light?

LED lights are inexpensive to run and last longer than lasers. They are safe for eyes in any application. They can provide more complex, well-defined images. Conversely, lasers provide crisp, bright colour. Do consider safety, as lasers pointing directly at eyes causes vision damage. Ensure your unit comes with a diffuser. Lasers are also energy efficient.

Patterns and Colours

Different projectors provide different patterns, which can be moving or static. Either way, they can usually automatically change in a customisable cycle. Patterns include spinning disco style, snow falling, snowflake (big ones individually visible from a distance), fairy stars, star shower, dots, Santa, stockings, bells, etc. Colours also vary and may alternate, but not all projectors provide all colours.

Powering Your Projector

Both mains power and solar types are available. A solar projector comes with a solar panel and rechargeable battery. Otherwise use 120 to 240V mains power supply with a transformer. In non-laser models the globe is generally 9 to 12V.

Cycles, Controls and Remotes

Options for governing your display are timers, and remotes that can control the timer, colours and pattern cycles. Some let you synchronize multiple projectors.

Location and Attachment of Projector

Projector Christmas lights have different modes of attachment according to location. Do you want a spike to set it up on a lawn or garden bed? Or a stand for smooth hard surfaces such as tables, concrete or tiles? Or both options? Do you want to be able to rotate the Christmas lights in different directions? Commonly the stand has both attachments and can be rotated 180 degrees. Other factors are rain, moisture, and temperature. Some projectors come with outdoor weather resistant caps. However waterproof units have scope for handling more conditions. Size of your area governs projection distance. From 3 to 50 metres you'd get a coverage area of up to 200 square metres. Lasers may go much further. Fill the spaces beyond your projector Christmas lights display with solar garden lights. These can be strings, ground spikes, pendants, floating lights, wall-mounted lanterns and many other varieties that operate automatically at no cost when the projector is off. Not all outdoor Christmas lights are solar powered, so check before buying. With indoor Christmas lights the above factors are not an issue. Indoor Christmas lights are usually mains powered, although some can run off batteries.

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