Promotional Toys

Collect them all with our huge range of promotional toys

Did you miss out on the last round of Ooshies? Haven’t made a trip to Maccas for a while to stock up on your Happy Meal toys? Don't worry. You can now purchase all these promotional toys from some of your favourite fast food outlets and other retailers online with the help of eBay.

What can you find?

Back in the day, we’d open up our box of Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles or our Weeties and we’d anticipate the excitement of finding the toy inside. Although the days of toys in your breakfast cereal are scarce now, you can relive these thrills of the past through eBay. Browse cereal toys by brand or era. You’ll find single items to add to your current collection, or full sets.

McDonald’s promotional toys are a hit with collectors, whether you’re searching for something in the Looney Tunes release or Spider Man collection, or you missed out on The Many Lives of Snoopy or Neopets range. There’s even “vintage” collectables, like the Barbie toys from the 1990s.

Other promotional toys online on eBay include Lindt gold bunny teddies, toy dogs and football items, as well as old favourites like Bertie Beetle, Dinosaur figurines from the hit TV show, Disney collectables and much more.

And if you’re a fan of refurbished Little Shop, you’re in luck! You can shop for miniature collectable toys, including brands like Tim Tam and Nutella. That probably sounds pretty tasty to all you collectors out there.

Sometimes the kids get so obsessed with little promotional toys that you have no choice but to find new little additions for them to enjoy. Other times, it's parents and other adults who dive in headfirst to these collectables. Regardless of your reason, shop eBay today to see what’s available from the promotional toys range.