Pruning Shears and Snips   

Hedge and garden shears help make a tedious job far more swift but only when the shears themselves are up to the task. Having the best garden scissors Shears come in many different prices, styles, and sizes and the best tool for your needs may surprise you. And of course, if you have different kinds of hedge and plants to trim, such as privet or arborvitae, you may want to look at tools with gear actions to change size and angle.   

What Kind of Garden Shears Do I Need?   

There are many types of garden pruning tools and what you need will depend on your common garden tasks. Common types include:   

  • Grafting knives and tools, which are designed to cut neatly for grafting plants together
  • Anvil secateurs slice a sharpened blade down upon a blunt platform, with an action more like chopping on a cutting board, which is better for cutting harder, tougher, woody materials   
  • Bypass secateurs slice together like scissors and have longer, curved blades which allow a gardener to more easily get into tight spaces  
  • Traditional secateurs are hand pruners and pruning shears