Puffer Jackets for Women

Hit the snow or trails and stay warm with a women's puffer jacket

If you want to stay really warm and cosy in winter, a women's puffer jacket might be exactly what you need. They can make it feel like you're wearing a doona, all day long. They're designed to be extremely warm, to keep the wind out and some styles also keep the rain off. If you're someone who feels the cold easily, or you simply want to rug up that extra little bit, there are plenty of women's puffer jacket design options available on eBay.

Plenty of styles, same result

Puffer jackets are known as quilted jackets and, to fit with the name, they have puffs of warm materials in between stitching. They are generally either filled with synthetic fibres or down, both of which can give you an abundance of warmth provided you choose a good manufacturer. It's actually the air in between the insulation that keeps the wind out. You can get the stitching in vertical or horizontal designs, as well as diamonds and other geometric forms. They all have similar benefits, so it really depends on what you're after when it comes to style.

Puffer jackets are also generally lightweight, particularly compared to other women's coats and women's overcoats.

It doesn't matter whether you're heading out on the ski fields, taking a walk through the park or you're sitting at home on the couch trying to keep warm – puffer jackets come in a range of colours and fits and suit a range of needs. You could be after something sporty, yet elegant; or you might simply want a jacket that's practical and fits easily into your bag.

Whatever your preference, popular brands include The North Face and Kathmandu, but there are plenty of other options available online as well. You can also search by size, with options up to 2XL and beyond available every day on eBay. Check them out.