Purple Window Curtains & Drapes

Purple Window Curtains

Make a statement in your home with purple window curtains. Choosing a bold colour for curtains allows you to create a fun theme. You can find these window curtains in a variety of styles and pair them with blinds or use them alone to dress up your windows.

Type of Curtain

You can choose from several types of curtains. They may fit doors or windows. You can find sheers or heavy drapes. Valances cover the top of the window and may be used alone or to cover long curtains while rod pocket curtains slide on the rod without a need for a valance. You can select window lined curtains to keep out the cold or heat while unlined curtains are a lightweight option.

Size of Curtain

The size of the curtain is an important consideration. You can choose those that fall just below the window sill or the curtains that hang down to the floor. Wider windows will require either a wider curtain or more panels. Small windows may need only a valance to provide enough coverage.


These curtains come in different materials from sheer voile to heavy damask. Velvet adds an elegant touch while cotton is a good choice for easy care. You can also select silk curtains or lace for a stylish look in any room. Polyester is a practical choice for many rooms.


Choose the features you want in your window coverings. For instance, you can get windows with blackout window curtains to keep out any light to allow you to sleep even when it is daytime. Thermal lined curtains are energy-efficient to lower heating and cooling costs. You can find all-in-one curtains where the valance is attached to the panels for easier installation. Some curtains even feature magnetic strps to act as a door and keep out bugs and animals when used on a doorway.