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You can’t let kids have all the fun – now, adults too can enjoy the thrill of zipping around in an Envy scooter. Ideal for people of all ages, scooters have dominated the market place as the more affordable alternative to bicycles and motorised scooters.

Scooters are now acknowledged as economical, stylish, and a lot of fun to ride. You don’t need a special licence to use one, unlike a motorbike or car, and if you live close to where you work, there’s no healthier way to commute than with a scooter.

If you are wondering whether to purchase a road bike or a scooter, read on to see the benefits and disadvantages of both before making a decision.

Scooter vs. bicycle

Riding a scooter is obviously three times faster than walking, but doesn’t leave you sweating as much as a bicycle. Another win for scooters is that they are easy to maneuver through crowded areas. This means you can get to where you need to be, faster. And when you’ve reached your destination, unlike a bicycle, you don’t need to lock your scooter up – simply fold it up and take it with you wherever you go!

There are some drawbacks, however. For long distances, hilly terrain, unpaved areas or rainy days, a bicycle is better to commute. But for those short commutes of five kilometers or less, you’ll actually get more exercise with an Envy scooter!

What type of scooter is right for me?

Envy Scooters provide different styles to suit budget, age, and skill level. The Envy Colt is entry-level, while the mid-range Prodigy is suitable for any age. The premium scooter, the Envy King of Spaces (KOS), offer a more customised feel and complete package.

Shop online on eBay for the largest range of new and second-hand Envy Scooters. Bid against others or buy outright for great deals that you won’t get in store.