QNAP offers innovative network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions for the home and office that allow you to improve efficiency with storage management, file sharing and surveillance. Their systems have ease of use, reliability and large storage capabilities. QNAP also provides great multimedia experiences for home entertainment users.

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage is high-capacity storage that you can connect to your network in the office or at home. You and other people that you choose can have access to the files through computers and phones without having to plug into the drive. It is a good device to have for backing up files as you can access it whenever you want, even when you are not in the same building so its much better than having a regular external hard drive. QNAP have a wide selection of QNAP network attached storage ranging from one bay to 30 bays with various additional features so all sizes and needs of home and businesses are catered for. All of your important data is secure, with easy access by smartphones, laptops, tablets and game consoles.

Multimedia Solutions

QNAPs multimedia solutions are ideal for large families who want to store all their pictures, music and videos safely. The QNAP systems enable users to access data and files easily from anywhere and are a perfect fix for people that have a huge amount of media that just wont all fit on laptops or desktop computers. The multimedia solutions are often preferred to cloud based storage systems and they allow you to easily search through large collections and enjoy a complete entertainment experience that everyone will be thankful for.

Surveillance Systems

QNAP care all about your surveillance needs and have awesome professional video management systems to take care of your business or property. These systems feature high megapixel and fisheye cameras to capture every square inch and increase management efficiency.