Qi Mobile Phone Chargers & Holders

Wireless Charging Standard Qi

You may not be familiar with the word Qi, but its a standard interface for wireless charging. Referred to as an inductive charge, a Qi charger transfers power to numerous types of devices, including phones, cameras and MP3 players. Before purchasing a Qi charger, you should check to ensure that your device is compatible with Qi charging, though many modern and updated devices are equipped to fit with a Qi wireless charger. Qi charging is even used via many brands of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, as well as other phone companies that include Samsung and LG.

What Are Some Qi Charger Types?

A Qi wireless charger is portable and convenient, and there are many types of wireless chargers based on your specific need and preference. These include a charging pad, which you can set your device onto directly to power up, as well as a wireless phone charger for your car that plugs into your lighter outlet to charge your phone or other device. Other styles of chargers to keep in mind while shopping include a charging cradle, also called a dock or stand that holds your phone securely as it charges; a power bank, which connects to your phone to charge in a portable way on the go; or an old-fashioned wall charger that plugs into any outlet to charge your phone.

What Brands of Chargers Are Available?

As with many electronic devices, chargers are available from an array of reputable and high-quality brands, so consider the right brand for your budget as well as the type of Qi charger you need, the features it offers and the devices the charger is compatible with, since it must work with your specific device to produce results. Brands include BlitzWolf, a company that makes quick-charge Qi chargers for fast charging; Samsung, which creates chargers compatible with its own lines of devices; and Belkin, a reputable electronics manufacturer that creates charging pads as well as docks for smartwatches and phones.

What Are Some Features of Qi Chargers?

Choosing the right Qi charger may come down to the features it offers. For instance, look for quick chargers if you need reliable and fast charging. Some chargers come with a cooling fan installed to keep your device cool as it sits on the charging dock. A magnetic charger attaches to your cars dashboard via suction for easy installation on the go, and there are even Qi charging docks that include a clock.