Samsung Qi Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers and Cradles

When you own a Qi -enabled Samsung phone, the phone batteries charge inductively as energy transfers from the charging station to the mobile phone. There's a selection of these Samsung mobile phone accessories you can use when driving or relaxing at home.

What Are Advantages of Charging Wirelessly With Qi Technology?

A Qi charger doesn't have cables that get in the way and look unsightly. Qi technology is available in motels, airports and offices to keep your batteries powered. Likewise, you can mount a wireless phone charger under a desk or another out of the way location to free up space.

What Types of Samsung Qi Wireless Chargers and Cradles Are Available?

Put your Samsung mobile phone into a car charger mounted on your vehicle's dashboard. The mount rotates 360 degrees so you can set the mobile phone charger at the correct viewing angle. As soon as you walk through your front door, place your phone on a charging mat on a hall table. The non-slip silicone pad ensures your phone stays put. Moreover, you can take a charging pad or cradle with you and use the electromagnetic induction technology.