Quads, Trikes, and Buggies

While all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) aren't designed as tractors, on many small farms, they almost eliminate the need for one. They are capable of numerous different farming jobs, including the transportation of people and equipment around the farm, spraying, spreading, and towing. Some are designed just to get you from point A to B, while other quads, trikes, and buggies have impressive carrying capacities, including front and rear racks.

Choosing a Quad, Trike, or Buggy

Select from chain quads, trikes, and buggies or shaft quads, trikes, and buggies, each of which has its own advantages and appeals. It's important that you choose a quad with good brakes, either hydraulic disc or padded, that can handle steep slopes and slippery conditions. Brakes are usually either foot or handlebar operated, with the latter having the added benefit of being used as a parking brake.

Comfort for Rough Terrain

Particularly for those who plan on using their quad motorcycle on a regular basis, it is important to find one with a thick and well-moulded padded seat. Chances are that you'll be driving over rough and uneven terrain, and having a seat that is comfortable is crucial together with independent coil suspension.

Tyres and Gears

Quad bike tyres usually come in two, four, and six ply, with a higher number indicating an increased durability. Most quads are two-wheel drive with the option for four-wheel drive, and only higher-end models generally have power steering. They usually come with five-speed transmission, including low and high range, neutral, reverse, and park.

Added Features

Fuel level, engine temperature, and warning lights are found on a liquid crystal display to help you keep track of your vehicle's performance and any maintenance issues. You can also opt for add-on winches, which are normally located at the front of the quad bike, and are a great option if you're working by yourself in isolated areas.