Queen Quilts, Bedspreads & Doonas

Queen Size Quilts and Bedspreads

We spend our waking lives taking care of our bodies, staying healthy and strong, so extra care should always go into how we sleep. Spread out and relax under queen-size quilts and bedspreads that will cover you from head to toe and help ease you into restful, re-energising sleep.


With a cotton queen-size bedspread, you'll have a blanket that's warm, easy to wash, and enjoyably soft. If you're looking for durability, a polyester doona will hold up under more washings and use. Finally, Egyptian cotton quilts have a tighter weave that makes them feel even softer than regular cotton.


You can find a queen-size bedspread in any colour you prefer, from darker reds and blues to lighter pastels, and in-between neutral hues. Easily add splashes of colour to your bed with bright polka dots, subtle stripes, or multi-coloured paisley quilt sets.


Besides a cosy bedspread, you'll need other bedding supplies in order to have a truly comfortable bed. Well-fitting sheets and pillowcases are important, and have as many fabric and colour options as quilts. For cold nights or as extra decor, you can add a coverlet or throw blanket.