Protect your home with a great range of Quell smoke and fire detectors on eBay! 

Not only does it make common sense to protect your loved ones, possessions, not to mention your home, but most states in Australia have passed laws that require all new builds to have hard-wired smoke detectors. And even if you're exempt from this, the range of easy-to-install quality Quell smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors can all be found on eBay.

The range of Quell detectors are compliant with Australian standards and the range includes Quell smoke detectors and also a great selection of Quell home security equipment.

You should ensure all of your Quell smoke and fire detectors are checked regularly, and in the case of battery models, the battery replaced regularly. You should also perform a test on each device on a regular basis to ensure they are all ready and working in case of an emergency. 

Quell detectors should be installed in all major areas of your home, the hallways, living areas, near the kitchen and all bedrooms. Make sure you use a qualified electrician to install your hard-wired Quell detectors.

To minimise false alarms, make sure you don't install your smoke alarms directly in your kitchen or bathrooms. Luckily Quell is a photo-electric smoke alarm which is designed to be installed near your kitchen or bathroom while minimising false alarms.

Protect your loved ones today, you can find the right Quell detector for each room on eBay