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Quilting Kits

If you want to try and tackle the all-encompassing project of making a quilt but you consider yourself rather new to the game, a quilting kit is exactly what you need. Quilting kits come with a specific size quilt and pattern to make, so there is no guessing game or trying to figure out what shapes work with each other. Additionally, the kits come with the fabric that the pattern dictates so there’s no worrying as to whether or not you bought enough fabric. Most kits include fabric that is ideal for quilt making. Many times for beginners, you may not be sure of what types of fabrics to use and if you select the wrong kind of fabric it could alter the way your quilt looks and takes shape. Thankfully, with a kit, you wouldn’t have that issue. Furthermore, quilting kits are incredibly cost-efficient in that they come with plenty of fabric saving you money in the end.

Types of Kits

There are a few types of quilting kits available for quilters at all skill levels. For beginners, there are pre-cut quilting kits that include a specified pattern along with already pre-cut fabric shapes referenced in the pattern. This type of kit is incredibly easy to follow and very helpful for those figuring out quilting for the first time. The only drawback with this type of kit is that there really isn’t any wriggle room for spontaneity. With this kit, you’re given the fabrics that are chosen for you as well as the pattern for those fabrics since everything is already pre-cut. Other kits include just the pattern and fabric. You have to cut your own fabric and shapes so you have a little more leniency on how you can switch up your fabrics selected.

Quilting Tools and Accessories

Aside from quilting kits, there are several other tools and accessories you may want when making a quilt. In addition to quilt patterns and fabric, you will need a cutting mat, rotary cutter and replacement blades, pin cushion, batting, marking chalk, 24 by 8.5 inch ruler as well as a 6.5 by 6.5 inch and 12.5 by 12.5 inch ruler, thread and sewing machine needle, a sewing machine, a quarter inch foot and walking foot, small scissor and seam ripper, and an iron board or pressing mat. All of these things will help you stay organized and create a beautiful quilt that will last for years.