Quilting Tools and Equipment

Pass down an heirloom piece such as a quilt to your family members to enjoy for years to come. The secret to creating these masterpieces is using the right tools and equipment like quilting clips to hold fabric layers in place, rulers, rotary cutters, and more. Once youve picked out one or more fabrics and have the necessary quilting tools and supplies, then youre on your way to making a quilt to display on a bed or as a wall hanging.

Quilt Patterns

With so many patterns available, finding one is similar to stopping at a smorgasbord and feasting on the variety of choices. You could use a baby quilt pattern to applique cute animals on colourful fabrics to the outer layer or make a farmers wife cover by sewing together blocks made from scrap materials. Regardless of the subject matter, be it flowers, a historic event, or camping, theres a pattern for you. Patterns are normally in booklet form with instructions for one or more projects as well as sewing techniques and tips on choosing fabrics.

Quilt Templates and Stencils

Another helpful tool, quilt templates and stencils are available in border, background, and block designs. Create a one-off design by combining different shapes, such as six-pointed stars, hexagons, and triangles. Trace the template or stencil using a chalk pencil or a water-soluble pen to mark your fabric to create a visual guide to follow when stitching the design by hand or a sewing machine.

Quilt Batting

The middle layer of the quilt consists of quilt batting that adds warmth and helps it retain its original shape. Choose the material you prefer based on resiliency, warmth, and weight. Cotton and bamboo batting could shrink the first time you wash the cover but are cooler and not as heavy as wool. Polyester and wool batting keep their shape and resist wrinkles. Select a batting thickness, depending on whether you want your bedding cover to appear thin, fluffy, or heavy.

Quilting Kits

Beginners can learn how to quilt by purchasing a kit that normally contains pre-cut pieces, enough fabric for the top and bottom layers, and the pattern. Most kits do not include thread, needles, and batting.