Get prepared for being a parent with Quinny

Naturally, you want the best for your baby and when it comes to getting around, Quinny is one of the most recognised pram manufacturers in Australia. Attractively designed, Quinny strollers look great, and they're practical too. So, whether you have a newborn or a toddler, find the perfect Quinny stroller for you and your baby here on eBay. have the right stroller for you.

Quinny Zapp stroller

The Quinny Zapp stroller is the brand's flagship product. There are three varieties of the Zapp pram, all with slightly different benefits. One thing common to all the variations is the ability to change and adapt the pram for your child's needs. You can use the Zapp like a traditional pram when your child is a newborn and turn the seat to face forwards when they are a toddler.

The other major benefit is that the Zapp can accommodate a car seat, which is perfect when you're on the go. Simply click the seat into place, and off you go, without any worry about disturbing or waking your baby.

Notable features

Quinny strollers have large, robust wheels meaning they withstand the stresses and strains of daily life. Running around the park or along the beach with your baby in the pram is no issue as the wheels glide over stones and bumps with ease. The large wheels also make tackling kerbs a breeze, so you needn't struggle when you're crossing the road.

Closed push bars are another handy feature for parents on the go. You can easily push with one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold onto another child, answer your phone, or search for your wallet.


A stroller is a key element to any parent's list of baby equipment, but some accessories will really get you off to a flying start. Rain covers and footmuffs will keep your baby dry and warm in miserable weather. Or go for an accessory that'll keep mum and dad happy, like a drinks cup holder. Or discover replacement parts for your damaged pram, including Quinny stroller wheels.