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Form and function should always go hand in hand, especially when it comes to essential accessories. This is why leather is a top choice for many fashion basics. It is durable, timeless and versatile.

Here is a rundown of leather goods that every man should ideally have.

Leather bag

It could be a duffel bag or a messenger bag, depending on your needs. A leather bag is simple but undeniably elegant. It’s also versatile—you can use it for work, for daytime outings or even as a travel bag. For business trips, consider a leather briefcase. You can also have a customised leather folio made, which is a professional and stylish alternative to your regular document case.

Leather belt

Ideally, you’ll need one in brown and in black. You can get one belt for each colour or you can have a reversible leather belt customised. A good quality leather belt adds a personal touch of style to your outfit.

Leather wallet

A leather wallet is a good investment because it’s something you use all the time, so you’ll want something durable and classy. You can even customise by adding a monogram or choosing your own design.

Leather boots.

Whether for a special occasion or for daily work wear, leather boots are a great choice. They are durable, breathable and with proper care, they retain their timeless look. Good quality leather boots are comfortable on the feet because as a material, leather is flexible, so it adjusts to the shape of your feet without being damaged.

Leather watch straps

Leather watch straps won’t rust or crack. On the contrary, leather develops"character over time.

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