A little rain, wind and snow never hurt anybody with RAB camping and hiking equipment from eBay

When you head out into the great outdoors, you need to be ready for anything. You can study the forecast as much as you want, but Mother Nature doesn't really care about what your app or the local meteorologist has to say about the temperature and chances of precipitation. Or maybe you're setting off for a location in which you're bound to run into poor weather and are ready to just brave whatever the elements throw at you. Whatever the case may be, packing RAB jackets, coats, pants and more into your suitcase can ensure you're prepared for whatever weather befalls you. With plenty of RAB women's camping and hiking clothing and RAB men's camping and hiking clothing, eBay can help kit out your travelling party.

The RAB story

In 1981, English outdoorsman Rab Carrington made a sleeping bag he thought could stand up to the harsh weather he faced when trekking through and climbing up mountains. From these humble beginnings in his attic grew a beloved outdoor brand that soon spread into clothing that keeps explorers warm, dry and comfortable at all times of day.

From rain jackets that repel the chilling drops falling from the sky and puffier alpine jackets and vests that keep you warm without taking up too much room in your camping and hiking backpack to gloves and other vital travelling companions, eBay's range of RAB gear is made to make your adventures safe and comfortable. Check it out today!