RAM Vehicle Mounts

Using your mobile in your hand while you're driving is not only dangerous; it's also illegal in Australia. The catch with that is that there are some cases where you may need to access some of your mobile's functionality while on the road. Luckily, that's where RAM mounts come in. Just attach one of these to your vehicle and you can take full legal advantage of your device on the road.


The single common factor in all states is that you cannot hold your mobile while driving. Most states not only require that you put it in a holder, but also that you use a commercially manufactured holder such as a RAM mount. Using your mobile as a GPS is generally fine, but in several states, Learners and P1 drivers may not operate phones at all while driving. That being the case, it's a good idea to invest in a decent mount before you get behind the wheel.

RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip system comes in a wide range of sizes for different devices including mobiles and tablets. The four spring-loaded arms hold your device securely in place while the rubber coating ensures that the holder does not damage the device. Rubber coated balls and rubber tethers both serve to minimise vibration and ensure that your mobile does not come loose no matter what you're doing.

RAM Motorcycle Mounts

From clamps to bolt-ons, RAM mounts motorcycle accessories are designed to give you the information you need while on the road. Ball and socket joints hold your device on securely with minimal vibration so you can enjoy your music or find directions on the road.

Other Mounts

RAM makes more than just mobile phone mounts and holders. The company also makes camera and laptop mounts for use on land vehicles and even boats. RAM mounts ensure you can attach the base securely, with more options available than just a suction cup.