RC Model Cars & Motorcycles

RC Model Cars and Motorcycles

Remote Control (RC) cars and motorcycles have improved over the years and are now extremely durable, fast and an absolute blast to drive. Before you dive into the driver’s seat, you have to think about what type of car or motorcycle you want to control and the type of fuel it consumes. The type of terrain is also important because many cars are geared toward a particular type.

Petrol RC Model Cars and Motorcycles

Most petrol-power RC trucks and cars are made of strong aluminium alloys in their frame to provide a rigid structure for the components especially when reaching high speeds. An example is a 1/5th scale RC buggy that features a high power 26 cc engine that can achieve superb acceleration but can stop proficiently despite running at break-neck speeds. RC petrol-powered road motorcycles use looped plastic bands to keep them for falling over and aid in leaning during tight turns.

Electric RC Model Cars and Motorcycles

By far the most approachable and common are electric RC model cars and motorcycles. These are usually in two-wheel drive configurations as moderately expensive toys for kids. If you want to bump it up a notch, you can get an enthusiast-grade electric RC car that can really torque it up. Newer electric RC motorcycles have internal gyroscopes in the rear wheel to help balance the bike especially when in dirt road and motocross conditions. Their electronics are housed in durable aluminium and can handle any debris thrown at them.

Off-Road Buggy RC Model Cars

Off-roading is great in miniature form too. off-road buggies and trucks come in 1/10 scale so you can take to the badlands and conquer them little by little. Also available are RC dirt bike motorcycles capable of extremely tight turns but can balance on their own without any external aid.