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RC Model Drift Cars

RC Model Drift Cars

Racing solo or with friends in the neighbourhood with remote-controlled (RC) cars and other vehicles is loads of fun. However, to take that fun to another level requires bringing your favourite RC car, truck or similar vehicle to a local RC racing track. One extremely fun style of racing that occurs at tracks like this is drift racing, which requires special cars that are capable of drifting into and out of turns on the track.

What are some features of RC model drift cars?

The main feature of RC model drift cars and trucks are the tyres, which are low-traction tyres that make it easier to oversteer cars into turns, which creates the drifting effect. This is different from RC cars that you drive on pavement, which have soft rubber tyres that are designed to grip the road. Other features include:

  • Four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive
  • Countersteer suspension setup
  • Brushless motors
  • Oil-filled shocks
  • Forward and reverse drive transmissions

Because these model cars are used for racing, they often also have longer battery runtimes compared to standard remote control cars.

What makes and models of cars are available for drift racing?

Although many of the cars designed for RC drift racing are unique and not related to a special manufacturers make or model, there are some that are replicas of cars and trucks that you can see in real life, such as:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Ferrari 458
  • Ford GT
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Nissan 350Z
  • Mazda RX7

These cars and many more are available from many the leading RC car manufacturers and typically come with gasoline-powered or nitro-powered engines.

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