RC Model Industrial Excavators

Remote Control Model Industrial Excavators

RC model industrial excavators are replicas or toy versions of industrial machinery suitable for hobbyists and children.

What Size of RC Model Industrial Excavators Are Available?

Sizes vary quite widely across different models.

  • Small toys: Suited for children, these small plastic replicas can be easily moved and handled by children and are often made of plastic.
  • Scale replicas: Larger and more sturdy, these replica vehicles can be quite heavy and are often made of metal.
  • Ride-on toys: Some models are small ride-on toys for children modelled after larger equipment.

What Types of RC Model Industrial Excavators Are Available?

RC construction equipment replicas and toys are modelled after several varieties of equipment and vehicles.

  • RC Bulldozers: Remote control bulldozers feature the large front blade and dual treads of their larger cousins. Controls often include the ability to change the angle of the blade as well as raise and lower it. Some models may have the ability to adjust the blade side to side.
  • RC Excavator: Remote controlled excavators are the most common design and are an easily recognisable type of RC construction toy. They feature dual tank treads and a bucket scoop on the end of a long arm. Controls may include the ability to rotate the cabin and arm, extend and raise the arm and tilt the bucket. Used all together, a skilled operator can scoop up a load, tilt the bucket as it is raised to prevent spillage and neatly deposit it elsewhere.
  • Other RC vehicles: Many other designs are available, often sold in sets with others. These may include RC diggers, RC dump trucks and RC forklifts.

What Features Are Available for RC Model Industrial Excavators?

Different models may have different features included.

  • Advanced Remote Controls: Some remote controls include only basic movement controls and may be simplified. Others might include more complex controls for advanced users.
  • Multi channel remotes: Some remotes allow for different channels to be used. This is not only helpful when trying to avoid interference with other devices, but can potentially be used to allow a single remote to control multiple devices via channel switching if configured correctly.
  • Accurate Scale and Materials: While some models are made of plastic and similar materials, others are not only exact scale replicas of larger machines, but also feature similar materials such as high density steel.