RC Model Vehicle Wheels, Tires, Rims & Hubs

Wheels & tyres to get your RC model vehicle back on the road

Ready to do some running repairs on remote control cars and trucks? Get your favourite small machines back up to speed with the comprehensive range of RC model vehicle wheels, tyres, rims and hubs sold on eBay. Shop for popular brands like HSP, HPI, Pro-Line Racing, Axial, Traxxas, Vaterra, Kyosho, Losi or a Tamiya set of RC model vehicle wheels, tires, rims and hubs. No matter what make and model you’re fixing or upgrading, quality parts and accessories can give your remote control vehicle a stylish appearance and outstanding performance.

All types of model vehicle tyres & wheels

The list of options is just about as long as a highway, so your decision comes down to the specifications of your own model vehicle. For example, 65mm rubber tires with 7-spoke plastic wheel rims are suitable for RC1:10 on-road racing cars. They have a wheel diameter of 52mm, while drive hex of 12mm and wheel width of 26mm.

Alternatively you might need a set of four raised rubber tyres and silver wheel rims for a RC1:10 Rock Crawler. For this item the tire outer diameter is 98mm, the tire inner diameter 52mm, the tire width 30mm and the wheel drive hex 12mm. Or maybe you’re after rubber tyres and lacquered wheel hubs for an off-road RC rally car.

Also looking for RC model vehicle suspension and steering parts? Cruise around eBay to find the precise replacement parts you need.