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RC Model Vehicles, Toys & Control Line

RC Model Vehicles, Toys and Control Line

A miniature sailboat or flying model airplane, even though RC model vehicles, may not seem like a toy to a hobbyist. These sophisticated toys are available as RC cars, trucks and flying aircraft. Some are large enough for a child to ride and drive while other examples require skill to manoeuvre them from a distance. Likewise, many have sound effects and lighting so the replica seems like a real-life version. Drones may include VR (virtual reality) glasses to view everywhere the toy flies.

RC Model Vehicles and Kits

You can purchase RC helicopters and quadcopters to operate from a distance of 50 to 1,000 metres. Available as assembled or unassembled, many include a high-definition camera you control from a mobile phone. Choose from other RC model vehicles and kits such as cars and motorcycles with rechargeable batteries, watercraft for your pond or military vehicles for wannabe commanders.

Remote-Controlled Toys

These remote-controlled toys are perfect for families. Parents can teach children how to operate the controller, compete with friends when toys have two or more channels, and learn how to make aerial stunts when flying RC model airplanes. Models include a charging adapter, and some come with a carrying case for protection and transporting. Moreover, toys are designed for indoor and outdoor use, made specifically to resist impact and dust.

RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

A day may come when you need RC model vehicle parts and accessories to continue to enjoy your remote control cars or other vehicles in your backyard or competing off-road. One too many bumps could mean replacing the wheels and chassis or completing an overall of the drivetrain. Furthermore, youll need adhesives and paint for touch-ups and tools to make repairs. A spare controller keeps your RC toy in the air or on the ground without any downtime.

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