Remote Control Toys for Sale

RC cars, drones, airplanes, boats, and hovercraft are popular gifts for kids, teens, and adult hobbyists. Some RC vehicles come assembled while others require a bit of elbow grease before they’re ready to ride, float, or fly. Regardless, RC toys provide lots of entertainment.

RC Cars

Remote control cars are often based on popular sportscars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, though you can also find RC monster trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and construction vehicles. These toys have intuitive controls for pick-up-and-play fun. Unlike airplanes or boats, there’s little chance of a devastating crash when driving a car around on your driveway or in the backyard.

RC Drones and Airplanes

Drones are all the rage with older kids and teens. It takes more skill and coordination to keep an RC toy in the air, though advanced drones have hover or return modes that make it easier to avoid crashes. RC airplanes are a different beast, as many require some assembly before they’re ready to fly. A fixed-wing aircraft toy will also move differently than a drone, so it’s important to know whether the person you’re buying for has experience with these types of remote control toys. If not, there will be a learning curve that might include some crashes along the way.

RC Boats

Those with ready access to a pool, pond, or calm lake should consider remote control boats. There’s nothing quite like guiding your vessel across the water, and controls are fairly easy to grasp. Some RC boats are built for speed, while sailboats are ideal for a relaxing day on the water.

RC Hovercraft

Toy hovercraft have been around for years. While they look like boats, a powerful fan enables them to float on a cushion of air. Kids often enjoy the amphibious nature of the toys, which can move over land or water. Hovercraft controls are similar to remote control cars, though they aren’t as responsive to braking or turning.

RC Animals

Not all RC toys are vehicles. Radio controlled sharks, fish, insects, dinosaurs, and snakes are also options. These toys are a lot of fun for kids who want to scare siblings or simply create their own zoo at home.

How to Find the Best RC Toys

The best remote control or radio control toy is the one they’ll use. That may sound obvious, but it’s important to consider the interests of the kid you’re shopping for. Does he like monster trucks? Is she a fan of police cars? Do sharks terrify them? These are the types of things that are good to know before making a purchase.If you’re buying for a younger child, RC cars are often the best bet because they’re pretty easy to control. There are models built especially for young kids that are more forgiving as they learn how to accelerate, steer, and avoid obstacles. Older kids and teens are prime candidates for drones, airplanes, boats, and hovercraft since they’ll probably have more patience with the toy.Battery life is another important consideration and it varies greatly by the type of vehicle. Check the product specifications for information on how long you can play after each charge as well as the time required to fully recharge the battery. There’s nothing worse than getting 20 minutes of play and then waiting hours for the next session.As mentioned earlier, some RC toys need to be assembled before they’re ready for action. These aren’t a good fit for young kids who can’t use tools or lack the coordination to do so. However, a model RC plane could be just the right thing for a teenager with an interest in electronics or engineering.

Shopping for RC Toys on eBay

eBay is the place to go when looking for new and used remote control toys. We have a huge inventory of planes, cars, boats, and more from sellers and stores around the world. With so many choices it’s easy to find the right RC toy at the right price, and we even offer free shipping on many items.