RC Simulators

If growing up all you ever wanted to do was to fly and pilot a plane, a helicopter or any aircraft, then your dream of flying these can come true with RC simulators. Real flight simulators create and provide a real flying experience to the user in different terrains and are appropriate for usage by teenagers, young adults and adults alike. They provide such a thrilling and fantastic experience that hobbyists keep investing in newer collections and simulator packs to build up on their real flight experiences. There are a lot of unbranded RC simulators available in the market as well at various price points.

Real Flight Simulators Packs

Digital RC simulator packs usually have a number of aircrafts inside the pack. They also provide number of airports that the airplanes will fly from, including photo fields and 3D terrains. The user interface of most of the real flight simulator packs is easy and hobbyists of different age groups can set up and use their simulator packs without any hassles. Some real flight simulators have wired or wireless interface depending on what you purchase.

Real Flight Simulators: Aircrafts

Some of the aircrafts in the real flight simulator packs include ElectriFly FlatOuts Flatana, BooRay Racer, ElectriFly FlatOuts Matt Chapman CAP 580, Eclipse Biplane, ElectriFly Mini Delta, ElectriFly FlatOuts Reflection, Great Planes PT-17 Military Stearman, ElectriFly Reactor 3D, ElectriFly SE5a, ElectriFly Fun Force Zero, Grumman X-29, Great Planes Venus II, ElectriFly Yak 55, Pientenpol Air Camper, Nieuport 28C-1, Grumman X-29, ElectriFly Riot 3D, Top Flite Beechcraft Staggerwing, UltraFly Models Radix 3D, ElectriFly Fun Force P-51 Mustang, ElectriFly XPD-8, ElectriFly FlatOuts Turmoil, Hotliner, ElectriFly Fokker DVII, F5D Pylon Racer, ElectriFly F6F Hellcat, Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D, KEtana (EP), Great Planes Little Toni, ModelAero AeroCat E-Jet, Great Planes P-6E Hawk, Lawnmower, TravelAir Mystery Ship, KEtana Glow, KE Flat Foamy, Great Planes 1/3 Scale Matt Chapman Cap 580 and Top Flite Piper Arrow II.

Controllers for Real Flight Simulators

The controller on each real flight simulator also differs and will either be Interlink Elite or Interlink X. Some real flight simulators are virtual reality capable and can be paired up with virtual reality headsets to enhance the user experience and take it to whole new heights.