Track down awesome remote controlled vehicles, parts and accessories from RC4WD on eBay 

You're locked in, sweat on your brow as you concentrate on every tight turn. You're knuckles are white, wrapped tightly around the very instrument that will keep you on track or send you tumbling out of control. You hit the accelerator with everything you've got, speeding away before power sliding around the course.

No, you're not behind the wheel of your own Formula 1 vehicle or Supercar. You're operating a beautiful RC4WD model car or truck. With a giant range of vehicles as well as RC4WD model vehicle parts and accessories, eBay has all your replica racing and riding needs covered.

The parts to keep you running

Having the vehicles is one thing, but having all the integral pieces you need to keep them running on all cylinders is another. Enter eBay's collection of RC4WD parts. Add new LED lights to brighten up your model driving experience. Buy a new wireless remote and receiver set and ensure your vehicle is responsive to your driving whims. A new set of tyres and rims can not only add a new look to your ride, but also keep it handling turns and dealing with rugged terrain easily. And, last by not least, keeping a high-powered motor under the hood is never a bad idea. eBay and RC4WD can help you there, too.

eBay's range of RC model trucks from RC4WD combined with a digital garage full of parts and accessories that let you customise your pieces to run faster and look their best gives you the chance to let your inner motorhead loose. Check it all out today!