REHAU is a German company that specialises in polymer production and innovation. Its the same company that can make anything from high-tech polymer windows to something as humble as REHAU garden hoses. Its all about taking full advantage of the advances in technology over the years.

REHAU uPVC Windows

REHAU uPVC windows take full advantage of the strengths of todays polymers. Made from unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride, these window frames use a vinyl polymer rather than a plastic. The difference is important because this polymer works much better with steel and other metals than plastics would. It is strong and durable, and very weather resistant. The other advantage of uPVC is that its much less thermally conductive than aluminium, so the windows are more efficient insulators.


Any plumbing installation is only as good as its pipe and hose fittings. The RAUTITAN ONE system provides a single compression solution for all hose fittings. Built to fit lines from 16-40 millimetres in diameter, it allows for a single style of brass fitting to work with everything from gas lines to plumbing. All you need is one tool and one fitting for everything.

RAUTITAN Water Solutions

With RAUTITAN water fittings you can take advantage of the latest advances in water delivery solutions. Not only does it offer leak-proof fittings, it also enables reduced installation times when compared to traditional copper piping. Once the system installs, it minimises water hammer and reduces hydraulic losses by up to thirty percent.

REHAU Gas Solutions

Gas solutions from REHAU provide safe secure delivery systems throughout your home. With the most flexible piping on the Australian market, REHAU installations require up to twenty percent fewer fittings than competing solutions. It also relies on the same tools as all of REHAUs other solutions. Strength, security and simplicity are the hallmarks of systematic elegance, all of which appear in RAUTITAN gas solutions.