Keep your details yours and yours alone with men's RFID blocking leather wallets from eBay

There are few things that can make your stomach drop quicker than checking your balance on a credit card or travel card, only to discover that someone other than you has been treating themselves to purchases on your dime. While this does happen now and then in Australia, it's particularly common in countries with more crowded areas, where someone can get close and scan your cards without you noticing anything odd about the invasion of your personal space.

These days, simply having a nice wallet won't do the trick. You need a bit of extra security, potentially in the form of an RFID blocking leather wallet from eBay.

How the card scan works

Most modern credit cards contain chips loaded with data about the account it belongs to. These chips are great in and of themselves, but they do create a chance for someone to clone the chip using an RFID scanner. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It's used quite legitimately in EFTPOS scanners and credit card scans like PayWave to read information on the card and remove or add money to the account. However, criminals can also use the technology to harvest your card information, then use that information to help themselves to your credit or money.

How RFID blockers work

RFID blocking wallets have a layer – often a mesh made from a metal that doesn't conduct electromagnetic waves – that blocks or confuses RFID scans, stopping hackers from accessing your credit card details. When you're ready to use your card yourself, you simply take it out of the wallet to be scanned legitimately. Your card is still perfectly usable when you want to use it – it's just not usable when someone else wants to and you don't. You'll also find plenty of women's RFID blocking wallets available on eBay.

Check them all out today and keep your details safer when you're on the go.