Popular Ridgid Products

Build on your DIY skills with RIDGID tools

If you are on the hunt for excellent, high-quality tools to suit your professional or amateur DIY needs, take a look at the wide selection of hand tools and power tools available from RIDGID. From a copper pipe cutter to a heavy-duty wrench, the collection of RIDGID tools on eBay has got you covered.

A heritage American brand, RIDGID was founded back in 1923 in Ohio and aims its products towards the plumbing and construction industries. Whether you're looking for one specific tool or the entire set, there are some great options available.

Spanners & wrenches

RIDGID's most famous product is its heavy-duty pipe wrench and there are lots of options available for you to choose from. With its unique jaw design, it provides a secure grip on all nut types and can fit into extremely small gaps. Alternately, don't miss the RIDGID chain pipe wrench with a double jaw, giving a speedy, ratchet-like action.

RIDGID plumbing tools

From RIDGID tube cutters to high-speed pipe dies and manual tube benders, RIDGID plumbing tools offer you everything that'd need for any job, available right here on eBay. Add to your plumbing kit with RIDGID's high quality and innovative corded and cordless tools to ensure you always have the equipment you need for every job.

Alongside RIDGIDs tools, don't miss the Dry/Wet vac options they have available for every plumber or tradesman. Always leave a job clean and tidy with these great vac options, available here together with all your tool needs.

Tool batteries & chargers

Whatever you need for your new or existing tools, don't forget to enhance your toolkit with batteries, chargers, and accessories. Ensure that you're never left with uncharged tools when on a job site or at home with RIDGID tool batteries and chargers.