RME is one of the top audio device companies in the world backed by a team of German developers who are either sound engineers or musicians. RME's vision is to create affordable and innovative, high-quality digital audio solutions and they have done just that with RME Audio MIDI interfaces and RME Pro audio equipment. They earned a number of awards and recognition by the public and media through their large selection of products. Through this, they have gone from a premier industry provider to dominating mainstream markets. Audio products from RME have superior quality and have developed alongside other industry specialists to achieve consistent, successful products.

Firewire and USB Interfaces

The RME brand stands out in the industry because they don't use a third party Firewire or USB audio technology, but they developed their own Audio Core that has outstanding pro audio features. RME Firewire interfaces have first class sound and stability and are a top choice for mobile recording, gaining respect from their customers. Interface features include ultra-low latencies, on-the-fly latency changes with support for multiple devices.

Audio/Format Converters

The selection of audio and format converters from RME represent leading edge technology, professional sound and reliability with a wide application range. RME converters are perfect for both live performances and studio use with all you need in the two-channel ADI-2 and multi-channel high end convertors. You won't be looking elsewhere for a better product because these are the perfect partner for all digital systems.

PCI Series Interfaces

RME have a range of external or internal PDI interfaces with mobile and desktop solutions. The Hammerfall DSP family is famous for stability, sound and minimal latencies. PCI Express products offer high speed along with unique RME features and technologies.

Mic Preamps

The professional multi-channel mic-preamps from RME should be your first choice for studio and live use. They have state of the art design and sophisticated Class-A technology with low-cut and phase switches. For mobile recording, you have battery operated QuadMic and OctaMic.