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Roxy Surfing Wetsuits

When looking for a wetsuit, Roxy surfing wetsuits are a trustworthy option to protect you from cold temperatures and enable you to surf for longer. There is a full selection of spring wetsuits and steamer wetsuits available in the Roxy surf gear range.

How Can a Wetsuit Be Useful?

A wetsuit is helpful for many different water sports as it help keep your body warm in cooler water, so you can stay in the water for longer.

  • Surfing and stand up paddleboarding: Wetsuits are particularly popular for these water sports, both of which require staying in the water for a long period of time.
  • Safety and staying afloat: Wetsuits also provide buoyancy and floatation so you can explore the water and not sink as easily as you would when wearing regular women's swimwear.
  • Durable protection: Wetsuits also can protect you from abrasions as they use a durable material.

What Kind of Roxy Wetsuit Should I Pick?

Depending on what activity you are doing, you can pick different women's wetsuits depending on your needs.

  • Full-length wetsuits: For surfing you might select a full-length steamer wetsuit to provide full protection from the colder temperatures, or you might prefer to opt for just a wetsuit top or shorter length spring suit.
  • Springsuit benefits: The shorter length can allow for more flexibility and movement, but will not keep you as warm as a full-length wetsuit.
  • Extended swimwear range: For warmer water you might also consider the option of Roxy swimwear, such as shorts and one pieces to give you more options.

What Are Some of the Key Features of the Roxy Surfing Wetsuits?

The Roxy women's surfing wetsuits, including Roxy Pop Surf, use materials that enhance your activities.

  • Main wetsuit material: The Roxy wetsuits use quality neoprene, a material that holds in the warmth and provides good flotation.
  • Strong seaming: They have flatlock seams, which are durable, and give structure to the wetsuit.
  • More premium features: The Roxy Syncro range are specifically for surfing applications and have additional features like a flexible collar for added comfort, and knee pads to protect against the rough texture of a surfboard.